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Gardens need professionals who do it right the first
 time and at the right price.



Garden Maintenance
Water Backup Systems
Vertical Gardens
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Indigenous Gardens
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Vertgrow Landscaping
Gardens need professionals who
do it right the first time and at the
right price.
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Our services include:
Garden Maintenance
Water Backup Systems
Vertical Gardens
Vertgrow South Africa began with a clear passion and
focus on creating beautiful landscapes for homes 
and businesses.Our aim is to become one of Johannesburg's most trusted landscaping
companies. Vertgrow takes great pride in every project we do, 
working closely with our customers to deliver
the physical manifestation of their gardening dreams.
You contact us, we come to you "Free Of Charge". 
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Retaining Walls
Retaining walls create a strong barrier to hold in soil,
prevent storm water runoff “erosion”, establish
functional levels for planting and entertaining.
Gardens with gradient slopes lose a lot of Nutrients
and Water, Heavy rain can cause extensive damage to
boundary walls and your home, also causing Rising
damp, erosion and planting difficulties.
Vertical Gardens
Vertical Garden systems are rapidly growing in
popularity due to their ability to bring the healing
serenity of Nature back into the life sapping madness
of our ever expanding urban environment.
Vertical Garden Walls are an innovative way to bring
fresh new designs to almost any structure, indoors
and out.
Indigenous Gardens
Everyone who is progressive, creative and switched
on is going indigenous. it is a world wide trend, part
of the swing to organics and healthy living. It makes
such perfect sense, indigenous plants are hot
property and it's easy to see why.
Garden Maintenance
We offer a once off, Weekly, Monthly or an annual
Garden Service Specialising in Mowing of lawns,
Trimming of lawn edges, Raking, Sweeping, Turning
and cultivating of flower beds, Weeding of flower
beds and lawn, Dead heading flowers and removal of
dead leaves.
Steel Pergolas
We carefully hand craft steel pergolas of all shapes
and sizes. Having over 15yrs experience in the welding
industry we can happily meet your custom desires for
any steel work job. Pergolas add a positive feel to a
negative landscape meaning they add height to a flat
and bare garden.
Boma’s have fast become a favourite in the
fashionable addition to Gardens big and small. There’s
no doubt that integrating a boma or fire pit into your
garden will improve your lifestyle and add great value
to your home.  Boma’s provide an extra living and
entertaining space that’ll encourage you to spend
more quality time with your family and friends
outdoors, help you destress as you reconnect with