Vertgrow Landscaping offer new installations, maintenance & repairs to irrigation systems in and around Fourways Johannesburg. We use our most trusted products such as Weathermatic, Rainbird and Hunter. We offer a scaled design of your landscape to avoid any water wastage. Once a pressure & flow reading is taken directly from your water mains we can then pin point an efficient “Head to Head” sprinkler system. To prevent any future damage our hard working staff adhere to the correct trenching depths for pipe work. 

Water wise Tips

If you don't have the luxury of irrigation in your garden it is important to be waterwise at the same time. Having a water-savvy garden is crucial, especially as the dry season approaches across much of Johannesburg. With a little planning and some clever plant choices, a waterwise garden is both achievable and highly rewarding. Perhaps you're designing your dream garden from scratch, or simply making gradual changes, like swapping thirsty annuals for architectural Aloe's. Either way, its all about creating a garden that is robust, low-maintenance and beautiful to look at.

Soil Basics

Preparing your soil properly is a key part of a waterwise garden. Add as much organic material to your soil as possible, Compost can be bought in bulk or in bags.

The Benefits: Well composted healthy soil is full of nutrients. Adding compost before you plant will encourage the growth of stronger plants. These are in turn more resistant to diseases and dry periods. compost improves water retention, keeps earthworms happy and improves aeration.