With the ever growing demand for water in South Africa our supplies are now sadly being hindered by Lack of maintenance and future droughts. When taps run dry that’s when we realize just how much of your life is contingent on having reliable access to water.

It is estimated that a family of four uses 20 000ltrs per month in their household.

Cutting down water usage is one obvious way to help the situation, but with municipal supply becoming interrupted, collection and storage are becoming a necessity.

Once you have a water tank to suit your specific needs, your household should comfortably make it through dips or even sustained interruptions in water supply.

How the system works.. A water tank complete with a pump of your choice will be installed. Municipal water will fill up the tank, when the Municipal water system fails or is shut down for maintenance or repairs your fill tank will keep feeding your household without your family even knowing of the problem. Having a constant water flow through the tank it will prevent any water contamination. Once you open a tap or flush the toilet the pump senses the loss of pressure, and the backup water supply is automatically pumped into your house. When the tap is closed, the pump will switch off automatically.

When the municipal water supply is restored, the water tank will automatically start to refill.

Your neighbor may suffer from intermittent water pressure or even dry taps, but by keeping water in reserve you can spare yourself the headache of an irregular water supply.