Succulents ooze successful design. They are living, breathing examples of when form follows function. Of the worlds approximately 10 000 succulents species, nearly half originate from South Africa and occur nowhere else in the world.Succulents are champions of the water conservation, succulents mostly boast thick, fleshy leaves and steams with an impressive ability to store water. The more arid the region of origin, the more streetwise the plant becomes to survive. The range of succulent species is vast and diverse and, although wonderfully adaptable, is best suited to a free draining, sandy medium planted in sun to semi shade. Succulents are perfect for pots, plant them in an equal mix of coarse sand and gravel. They do not enjoy moist leaf mulch, preferring stones or pebbles. very few diseases bother succulents but they dislike prolonged cold and wet conditions, which may cause black spot.