Everyone who is progressive, creative and switched on is going indigenous. it is a world wide trend, part of the swing to organics and healthy living. It makes such perfect sense, indigenous plants are hot property and it's easy to see why.

For a start, indigenous gardening saves time and money. Put a healthy indigenous plant in the right place and it needs minimal care. Once its established, it shouldn't need additional water. Poisonous pest controls are not necessary. A plant might be food for a baby butterfly but we are no longer obsessed with the unblemished leaves in perfect flower beds (sterile green leaves). Instead we see ourselves as part of nature has her own pruning methods. Anyway, bugs mean birds, and a little white-eye might consider an appetizer of aphids a rare treat. A caterpillar is just the thing for a hungry fledgling.

Nature does not have to be a holiday destination. we all know that unrelenting human development is stealing wild spaces and putting deathly pressure on wildlife. By actively encouraging nature into our urban areas we have home entertainment on our door steps. And we can, in a small but powerfully collective way, contribute towards a far healthier environment to pass on to future generations.

Indigenous garden are beuatiful, trendy, cheaper, time saving, healthier, grown better, sustainable, unique, pro-life, interesting and it's natures way.