Winter Tips - 2018-04-06

With the the cold weather upon us, we generally think that gardening and lawn projects need not be taken up again until warm spring weather comes. However, although weekly mowing, weeding and watering can be put aside, there are still tasks that can be undertaken during this relatively dormant period which will lead to more successful spring & ... more

Design Inspiration - 2018-03-18

Have you ever sat – just sat - in your garden, thinking, looking around, taking in the view? Not really looking at anything in particular, but thinking about anything and everything to do with your garden, asking yourself, “what if I planted a tree there?”, or “if I moved those paving slabs, what would I put in their place?&... more

Water Harvesting - 2018-03-15

Water harvesting has become very important in Johannesburg households. With winter on the way it’s a great time to start prioritizing and planning for a water backup system. Johannesburg is set for dry times ahead and with the municipality being very unreliable it is best to be ready. Rain water can be directed to flush toilets & your irr... more

Autumn Tips - 2018-03-12

Planting Tips: Have a good walk around your garden or even your nieghborhood. Get some inspiration with other peoples gardens. Take your dog for a walk and take some pictures of what plants you like. Make notes if there are in full sun or in shady area's. Head down to your local nursery and get some frost resistant plants. Luckily for us... more