Design Inspiration

Have you ever sat – just sat - in your garden, thinking, looking around, taking in the view? Not really looking at anything in particular, but thinking about anything and everything to do with your garden, asking yourself, “what if I planted a tree there?”, or “if I moved those paving slabs, what would I put in their place?”. Whether you were aware of doing this or not, in a way, immaterial because what you have been doing is visually making this piece of land your own, and coming up with thoughts and ideas of improving your outside space.

The evolution of creating a garden has evolved according to style, fashion, prowess, skill, aptitude, wealth, travel, experimentation and history, but it can all be distilled down to that first need. In essence, garden making is all about a human being exerting some level of control over his or her own surroundings. And, really, that is all that garden design is today.

Creating a garden can be an intricate and time-consuming process, but the fundamental Starting point is to remember that Garden Design is about creating an outside space that you want. Many discussions will ensure after that initial thought – from what style you want, to working out how sustainable your garden might be. But don't let the detail bog you down too much or too early in the process. Course detail is essential for a successful garden, but holding on to that vision, that desire, is a key part of the process. Vertgrow landscaping are here to help you, not only with the nuts and bolts of garden making, but also to focus the vision and, we hope, to help make it become a reality.

So why is there still a need for an encyclopaedia such as this? In truth, because designing a garden can be something of a lonely experience. Even though we are constantly bombarded with images, suggestions, and information (books, internet, social media, and magazines) it is rare to be able to look in one place for everything - from plant selection to gravel colour, from fence posts to tree heights. The very nature of having so much choice can render the designer/gardener/client more than a little confused as to what they actually want from their garden. The activity of making a garden can also be influenced from so many quarters - by plants or hard materials - that a designer needs a refuge of sorts, where questions are answered and problems are resolved. I hope we at Vertgrow will be your refuge in this ever crowded, information – heavy world.

Often, coming up with an overarching vision for what you want in your garden to be like is the easiest part of the process. It is translating that vision into a reality that takes the bulk of the time: working out how parts of a garden can sit together, how planting interest throughout the year can be sustained, deciding on hard landscaping materials that will work in all weather conditions, and so on. These are the stimulating - and at times frustrating - aspects of the process, but they make the difference between an unusable piece of land adjoining your property and a beautifully designed garden.